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Aspects and Impacts, ISO14001, and cold, hard, cash

Aspects and Impacts, ISO14001, and cold, hard, cash

Glendalough in Co. Wicklow is a fantastic place. I stayed over there during one of my final pre-lockdown business trips in March. Looking through some photos from my run (it would have been rude not to) I came across this image of a pile of logs.

It was one of several piles dotted about the site awaiting transport, so a presume it was part of some sort of management programme in place.

An environmental aspect of the Glendalough site, or indeed any woodland site, is the various ways that the trees themselves interact with the environment around them. The people that manage these sites need to be aware, and many are increasingly aware, that where these aspects are not suitably managed, the impact on the surrounding environment can be long-lasting and costly. Pests can infest the site killing swathes of the forestation, older trees have less of an oxygen demand than younger ones so regular replenishment helps with that, and is a useful financial help too, fire breaks can become blocked potentially removing that for which they are fundamentally designed etc.

Understanding the need for these measures makes sense and allows for consistency and longevity.  It also makes sense in any commercial or industrial setting, and consistency and longevity can be achieved here too if the environmental aspects and impacts are recognised and acted on.

However, there may be short-term financial advantage in identifying the environmental aspects and impacts.

If an organization recognises those items that either by existing or by producing (or providing) what it does it interacts with the environment, and then understands the impacts that it causes on the environment as a result - there may be the potential to reduce these impacts and also achieve financial gain. Common examples of this are, for example, reducing the impact (and costs) of energy use through energy reduction, or reducing the impact (and costs) of waste to landfill, etc.

Whilst it makes sense for all organizations to do this, those that are certified to ISO14001:2015 will be doing it and will be up-dating it regularly, demonstrating that they know and understand the environment in which they operate - and also that they are driving down associated costs in this area.

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