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Is this the best way to Implement ISO9001?

Is this the best way to Implement ISO9001?

I took up gardening during Lockdown. Sure, why not.

I used to have a house with a great garden, but decided it was too much work. It really was nice, but too big for someone with their own business. So, I moved to a house with not much more than a lawn outside. Easy maintenance was what I was after...until Lockdown.

So in my free time over the Summer I've been clearing, digging, racking and planting, a bank that sits at the back of the lawn.  Whilst not the finished article, I now have a good solid structure to build on as it develops in the years ahead.  I can already see improvements that I would like to make. It can be a tad addictive this gardening lark.

I have hydrangeas, pampas grass, Japanese azaleas, mallow, a dwarf fir tree, and a host of other plants, whose names I don’t recall. All of these have been generously donated by my parents from their well-stocked garden, along with just enough encouragement, advice and gently steering me in the right direction.  My advice has also come in the shape of Monty Don and closer to home Walkers Seeds and Plants in Newtownards. Both of them know their onions, as it were.

I think that has been key. After all, I could have picked the plants up anywhere, but it’s knowing what to do with them that counts.

Which brings me to InvestNI. They invest in client companies to help them improve, and currently one of their initiatives is to fund up to half the cost of ISO9001 implementation. That is half the cost of the consultant used plus initial Certification Body fees.  For their part Pattersons Consulting, from their wealth of knowledge and experience, provides the expert guidance, advice and encouragement for the client to achieve the certification.  This also applies to a range of other management standards, like ISO14001, ISO45001 or any other that may be appropriate. 

On a number of occasions I have worked with clients who are receiving this support from InvestNI. The process is that my quotation is sent to InvestNI with an application, it is approved, and then the consultancy begins.  Smooth as silk.

Why not get the best, tried and trusted advice that you can - particularly as half of it is paid for you.

Visit InvestNI for more information.

Is this the best way to Implement ISO9001? - IMG_1578_a6dae8ec56f2b196906010c194f60a5a

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