Continuous Improvement

We can help you reduce your costs, by allowing you to do more with less using our LEAN based approach to removing waste from your process.
Zero waste in your process

The very best ways to use your resources

Organizations can often spend time and resources wastefully. Examples include: having unnecessary steps in the process; waiting/down time during stages in the process; producing too much of the wrong stock; defects; multiple checking of products; skills issues; and multiple movements.
Clear actions

A precise focus

Pattersons can help your organisation to identify waste in any particular situation, with a focus on exactly what you need to do to satisfy your customers.
We achieve this through the TIMWOODS approach to identification of waste. This is either as a one-off project to free up valuable resource or as a starting point for a more extensive Continuous Improvement/ LEAN program. 

Or we help you use the tools contained in ISO14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015 to your best advantage, identifying your main target areas and ways to reduce them.

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