What is ISO45001:2018?

ISO45001:2018 is an occupational health & safety management standard. Of management standards it sits head and shoulders above the range of other management standards 

Like other management standards, it is a document that lists a number of ideas that help organisations to improve.  ISO45001 brings about improvements to the physical and mental health of the organization’s workforce and others affected by its activities.

It is a tool to help organisations reduce accidents, injuries, health issues, and harm in general, with all the associated costs. There is also a significant focus on risk and adherence to legislation in the standard, and conformance allows organizations to demonstrate their compliance with many of their legislative obligations.

Where organisations demonstrate to a Certification Body (CB), like BSI, that they have implemented these ideas, or clauses of the ISO45001:2018, the CB may certify them to the standard. 

Why have ISO45001:2018?

Some organisations have ISO45001:2018 order to fulfil a customer requirement, or to be able to tender for a contract, and by implication therefore use it as a way to try to improve their sales. 

However, more and more organisations recognise the benefits of improving their health and safety performance and make a stand-alone investment in the achievement of the standard as their goal. 

Best Practice organisations will go further and base their culture on the use of the standard, from the leadership of the organization throughout to become more effective at what they do, making it a significant and strategic continuous health and safety improvement tool. In fact, this is where the real benefits in ISO45001:2018 are found, from the cultural improvements, where staff are more inclined to take ownership for their own health and safety and the safety of all others. 

Organizations that are committed to sustainability are increasingly aligning their corporate strategies to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Accredited certification of ISO 45001, the international occupational health and safety management system, demonstrates an organization’s commitment to ensuring decent work conditions, health, wellbeing and equality practices. For organizations seeking to enhance their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) profile, implementation of ISO 45001 and its alignment to the SDGs sends a powerful message to shareholders and stakeholders including employees, that they truly care for their people.

Case Study

Virtually all large and increasing numbers of medium sized organisations have chosen to implement ISO45001:2018. This is market sector specific, with more take-up, for example, in the construction and manufacturing sectors due to both market and legislative demand.  

In recent times the demand has been in sectors with fewer health and safety risks, such as service areas, in order to reduce costs and demonstrate health and safety credentials.

Increasingly these organisations are only using providers that have ISO45001:2018, and therefore it’s use has grown significantly, and will continue to grow.

Pattersons Consulting has a track record of helping organisations to become successfully certified to ISO45001:2018.

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